Lori Pickens

New Year’s Eve


This year we decided to have a little New Year’s Eve party at our house, and invited a few of our favorite couples to ring in the new year with us. We had sooo much food it was ridiculous. Seriously, I think everyone brought enough food that it would have fed everyone there – times that by 5 couples, and you can imagine the kind of spread that we had. We had fun hanging out, talking, and even managed to fit in a few games of Ultimate Werewolf. I was also pretty pumped when everyone was on-board with me setting the timer and getting some group shots for the evening. 748_1   Here’s one of each happy couple. 748_2   And then just for fun, we took some silly group shots. 748_3   748_4   And finally one of the guys. 748_5   As of this point, we decided at least 7 of the 8 people will be invited back next year. We’re still deciding on the other one ( wink, wink). Thanks for a great night gang! We can’t imagine celebrating the new year any other way. And just in case there was any question, Scott is just a middle of the road kind of guy, and nothing special ever happens to him. 

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