Lori Pickens

My Two Little Men


Someone once asked me if Sawyer was easier to photograph than Cohen, and if I am in the studio trying to get them to sit in a certain place or hold a certain prop that answer would be yes. Cohen is a little more unpredictable and likes to be on the go, but I would also have to admit that Cohen is easier to get candid and genuine smiles from. My two little men are very different from one another, lucky for me, I love both kinds of shots!



I know two little boys (and their momma!) who are ready for spring. Sometimes they just stand at the back door and look outside longingly.

I promise this cold won’t last forever Little Buddy.



When I looked at the shot below on the back of my camera it looked completely blown and his little face was way too bright. I *almost* even deleted it from my camera right away. After a few edits, I’m glad I decided to give it a second chance. If your camera has the ability to shoot in RAW, and you don’t take advantage of it, you are missing out!



I know one little boy who likes our open floor plan. Why choose between watching TV and riding your car when you can do both!



He’s also working to become a trick rider.


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