Lori Pickens

My son plays with baby dolls


We have a baby doll in our toy box; it was leftover from when I used to babysit my niece, Faith. From the look on Sawyer’s face below, you can see that he likes to play with it too.


I mean seriously – look at that happy smile! But before the feminists of the world start rejoicing and praising me for allow my boys to play with dolls so that they will grow up to be caring and nurturing fathers, maybe I should explain how this usually goes…

One of the boys will get the baby out of the toy box and bring it to me.
Me: Oh here, let’s put the baby’s hat on so her little ears don’t get cold…
Son immediately takes that hat off and then laughs hysterically!
Me: What did you do? You took the baby’s hat off! Here let’s put the poor baby’s hat back on so she doesn’t get cold…
Son, again, immediately takes that hat off and then laughs hysterically!

Like I said… very nurturing!


Then imagine that this process repeats another 10 times! Same giant smile, at the babies expense, each time!

Let’s just hope he doesn’t start pulling hats off the babies in the church nursery!


Cohen enjoys this game too, although I will admit he’s probably the more sensitive of the two boys.


And he will at least give Miss Elaina a big hug if I ask him to.



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