Lori Pickens

Misc Room Stuff

Every night they left mints on our pillow. Nathan and I were big fans of the chocolate mints.

The first night, I only saw one on my pillow and not his, and I thought they only gave one per room. The next night we both had one, and I said, “Oh cool, you got one tonight too.” He said he got one the previous night as well. I admitted that I ate my in secret, because I thought they had only given us one. He laughed and said that was very nice of me. Every night after that, Nathan would immediately eat his mint upon returning to the room for fear that I might eat his too.

We may or may not have stolen a few extra mints from the unattended supply cart in the hallway to take home with us the last day….



The shower was very small and felt to me like a space ship tube.




Like I expected to get in, close the capsule doors and be sucked up into the ship.



One thing that I did NOT like about the ship was where they had the flusher located. On every toilet in the place they had it on the wall behind the commode. Which means you have to lift and shut the lid in order to flush it. I know technically the lid is not as gross as the seat, but still I think it is unnecessary germ touching!


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