Lori Pickens

Meet Milo


Let me start off by saying, Nathan and I are not pet people. Neither of us gushes over little furry friends and neither of us have ever had the desire to have a pet or the inconveniences that come with taking care of one. Having stated all that, I’m now going to tell you we have a cat. I like to think that he adopted us instead of us adopting him. This little guy had been wandering the road in front of our house, crying at each doorstep for a few days. One night as we were entering our house, he was at our front porch, crying. Not just a regular cat cry, but a sad, pathetic whimper. I said something like, “poor little thing is so skinny, I’d feed him if I didn’t think it would lead to him never leaving.” Well, that was all it took. The big, kind heart that resides in my husband noticed how skinny the little guy was and immediately went to get him some milk and a can of tuna. He went to town on that can of tuna like it was the first thing he had eaten in a year; we were pretty sure he was going to try and eat the can. We left his food and milk on the back porch, and went inside to fix ourselves something to eat. Half way through dinner Nathan announces, “I think I would like to name him Milo.” I replied with, “Milo it is then.” We think he used to be someone’s house cat, because he has no front claws, and his tail has been bobbed. We’re not sure if someone is missing him or if someone just left him to fend for his own outside. There have been a few times when we will hear him crying outside, and some other cat or dog has had him pinned in a corner. We’re pretty worried about how he is going to protect himself without any claws. We’re thinking about calling the Humane Society just to see if anyone has reported him missing, but we don?t want them to come and take him if they are just going to keep him in a cage or eventually put him to sleep, so for now we are still checking into things. As I anticipated, every day since that first night Milo comes by when we get home from work and cries for his dinner. For awhile we just gave him what we happened to have in the house: tuna, a little milk, some leftover turkey, etc. Tonight we not only bought him cat food, but also a little house. I would say that makes us official cat owners.


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