Lori Pickens

Fun Maternity Shoot – Parkersburg, WV

I didn’t have a sister growing up, so my baby cousin Rebekah was the closest thing that I had to that. She got all of my hand me down clothes. I can remember helping to plan her birthday parties. She looked up to me, and basically thought I was the “cool cousin”. I loved watching her grow up and the relationship that we had, but I am even more excited to see her now as a mother. We started her fun maternity session in Parkersburg, WV with some cute shots at my photography studio, and then headed outside.

parents sitting holding hands on wood background with bare feet and baby shoes in front of them

She and her husband, Matt are going to make such great parents, and probably very blonde children, LOL.

happy maternity parents sitting in downtown parkersburg with burgundy sew trendy dress

By the way, this sweet little baby-to-be still doesn’t have a name. Anyone have some great boy names they want to suggest? Has to go well with the last name Wilson….

mom and dad with baby belly in park with burgundy sew trendy dress

I have this favorite location that I love to take local clients to. It has a beautiful overlook and the sun sets right behind the mountains. I love it for couples and especially seniors, but don’t usually ask my maternity clients to make the walk! I knew Bekah would be up for anything though, so we made the hike. The sun did not disappoint!

pregnant mother with flow blue sew trendy dress at mountain top with sunset

And who doesn’t love a gorgeous maternity silhouette? Just looks at that adorable baby bump! I also really love the way the gown train looks both flowing and settled on the ground.

silhouette of pregnant mother in black and white

Are you interested in booking a maternity session but have no idea what to wear??? Both the burgundy gown and the blue flowy gown are from Sew Trendy. They are part of my client closet and available for anyone who books a maternity session with me.

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