Lori Pickens

Leather Furniture


So we’re getting new furniture for the family room. We were never unhappy with the furniture we currently have, but the opportunity came up to sell it, and we’ve being considering leather in that room, so we decided to just go for it.



This is what we’re getting. There will be one sofa and one love seat. Pretty much the same layout that we have now.



Instead of the two single ottomans that we have now, we’re getting one big square one. The new couches are so deep that we probably won’t even need the ottomans, so we’re hoping to use this one more as a coffee table/ottoman.



Here’s a closer look at the legs and arms. Just a nice clean style.



The only bad news is that we may have to wait several weeks for this furniture to arrive. We don’t have an exact date of when the new owner will be picking up our current furniture, so there may

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be a gap in between where we have no family room furniture for a bit, but frankly we’ve gotten pretty used to having empty rooms in the house, so I’m sure we’ll be OK.



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