Lori Pickens

Kitchen cabinets and Trim


We went out to check on our kitchen cabinets today. The cabinets that you see stained is our island. It is 4×9 and the hole you see will be filled by our dishwasher. The large cabinet laying beside it is one of our pantrys. In the back, the tall cabinet is for our double-oven wall unit. Beside it is the other cabinets that will hold our microwave and stovetop. They actually had a mix up on some of the other cabinets, but we think we got everything straightened out.



We wanted a craftsman style trim for our interior windows and doors. Kendell and Clair have been working really hard to find something that we will really like. This is what we finally came up with. The top trim is about 6.5 inches tall and the side pieces are 3.5, if that gives you some perspective. I really like it!


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