Lori Pickens

Kaleigh’s baby shower – Part 2


At every Pickens’ family baby shower I go to, I always look forward to seeing a little box like this.



Because inside that pretty little box is adorableness like this. Nathan’s Grandma Hess hand crochets the sweetest little outfits for all of her granddaughters and great-granddaughters. Bryleigh’s box contained this sweet, little dress, and matching booties, hat, diaper cover, over dress, and blanket. I’ve seen several of these now, but I think this one is my favorite! The soft pink with the tiny brown trim was breathtaking. Grandma Hess (GG to Bryleigh) also takes extra care to pick out a special memory box to store them in and wraps them up so beautifully. I went home and told Nathan that we need to get busy having a baby before Barb isn’t able to make one of these for our precious little one.

OK, so we aren’t ready to start trying yet, but that is some pretty good motivation, don’t ya think?



Faith was also very proud of her gift, which Tara let her pick out herself. When Kaleigh finally opened it, she went up and had to explain in detail to Kaleigh everything it did, and what buttons Bryleigh should push to make it light up or to make the fish swim.


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