Lori Pickens

Headband Swap


A group of ladies on my photo message board decided to organize a head band swap. There are 18 of us participating. So we each make 18 headbands and then we exchange and get 18 unique head bands back.

We made them in two different sizes: newborn and 12-month.

This is an example of one of my 12-month ones.



This is what the newborn headbands look like. The flower is a bit smaller and the band is very dainty and delicate.



Here they are all completed and lined up. I actually ended up making 20 in total, so I could keep one of each size for myself.



I’m pretty excited to see what everyone comes up with. I’m definitely going to need to borrow a couple of sweet baby girls to try all my new headbands on whenever they arrive.

Big thanks to my Grandma Reber too! She helped me make all of the actual bands and added elastic to some. She also helped me read the online instructions and learn how to make the pretty rosettes. Thanks Grandma! I would never get any of my projects done without your help! Love you!

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