Lori Pickens

Going for a walk


Today was a pretty good day. This morning Kyla and I went for a run. We did seven miles total, which felt really good.

We had hopes of watching the WVU game in the afternoon, but unfortunately it wasn’t televised (which frankly is complete nonsense). But we were able to listen to them win on the radio. Go Mountaineers 

After the game, Faithers and I went for a little walk. It actually took quite a bit of time to circle around the block, because we were constantly making pit stops to check out the scenery. At one point she decided to pick up the pace and said, “Let’s run.” So we ran for like three seconds, and then, breathing heavily, she said, “OK, let’s walk…” After she caught her breath, “Let’s run.” This cycle went on for about 10 minutes, and then she got distracted by something else. She never fails to crack me up! Of course Fun Aunt Lori brought her camera along on the walk, so I have pictures of both the “running” and the “walking” which I plan to scrapbook soon. But for now, here’s one of her just walking along with LaLa


Later that night, Kyla and Josh came over to watch the OSU vs USC game. We made nachos and just spent the evening hanging out. The boys talked football, the girls talked wedding plans.

Ohio State lost – WVU won, it was a good day!

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