Garage doors – Walnut Sonoma

Garage doors – Walnut Sonoma

So, we finally ordered our garage doors yesterday. You wouldn’t think that garage doors would be that difficult, but it’s a really big chunk of the front of our house, so we wanted to get it right. We decided to go with the Walnut color, Sonoma style with 12-window option. Wayne-Dalton doesn’t have a good picture of it online, but if you combine a few of these you might get the idea. This is the Sonoma style, but in a lighter color:



Our color is called Walnut. Therma-Tru and Wayne-Dalton actually have a partnership where they use the same stain colors, and since both doors are fiberglass, we’re hoping that our front doors and our garage doors should match pretty well.



Here is the color in a different style:



We decided to go with the 12-light option. This will also match the window option in our front doors, and kind of keeps everything in line with the craftsman style.



I know that what we chose probably isn’t the safe option, but I really think they will turn out beautifully.



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