Lori Pickens

Garage Doors and Tile Backsplash


They installed our garage doors yesterday. Overall, the experience was kind of a let down. The first thing I noticed was that the windows are wrong. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the window grid pattern is different on the big door than the smaller one. Plus, one of the windows is broken. Then when you got up close to the doors, the walnut stain really just did not look right. It is scratched and worn in some places. Kendell was actually able to just rub it right off with a handkerchief. Miller Door assured us that they would make everything right and get us completely new doors. They have been really wonderful to work with, and I have complete faith in them, but it was just kind of a disappointing day.



Nathan and I also went up to Home Depot and picked up the tile for our kitchen backsplash.



It is called Ivory Travertine. It is a 3×6 tile that will be installed in a staggered subway pattern.


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