Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


Some of the highlights from the week…

1.) My big, scrapbook news. I still can’t share all the details yet. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I will be able to, but suffice to say I’m pretty excited about it.

2.) Hannah. I got to talk to Hannah this week. She filled me in on all the wedding plans and how Andy proposed. It sure seems like the girls are giving the guys are pretty hard time with these proposals. I miss Hannah, and it was just fun to catch up with her.

3.) Upcoming photo shoots. I have a couple of photo shoots planned. Nathan’s cousin, Brittany, wants me to take some maternity pictures for her so she can send them to her hubby over in Iraq. Brittany is the one of the cutest mommy-to-be’s I’ve ever seen, and I think it is such a neat idea, especially since her husband will just barely make it back in time for the birth. Also, Tara asked if I could take some 2-year-old pictures of Faithers, which is always fun!

4.)Evan. The little guy went home to New Jersey yesterday. I already miss him! But on a positive note I have tons of fun pictures from his visit and lots of new scrapbook stories. Plus, I’m sure his mommy and daddy are glad to have him home and actually get to talk to him for more than 20 seconds a day. Evan’s not real big on talking on the phone, and would basically snub his parents each night when they called 

5.) New pictures of Faith. I finally got all the pictures from the last week or so uploaded, and I adore some of the ones of Faith playing at the church picnic. They might just be some of my new favs.

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