Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


Highlights of the week…

1.)Evan. We have had Evan for a little over a week now, and it is so much fun. I have memory cards full of pictures of tee ball, bug finding missions, playing at the park, Burger King trips, and just everyday fun. I’m trying my best to write down all the funny stories and the creative one-liners he comes up with, so hopefully I will have some fun, new Evan scrapbook pages very soon.

2.)Kyle and Katie got engaged. Kyle is Nathan’s cousin, and he proposed to his girlfriend, Katie Wednesday night. Katie is super sweet and will be a wonderful addition to the family. If you have been reading the blog very long, you might notice this is like the 5th or 6th engagement in the last month or so. I’d say we’ll be attending our fair share of weddings next year.

3.) Wes, Tara, and Faith made it back from the beach. Sounds like they had a wonderful time. Faith came back with her first freckles. They are little tiny, but are so cute! I’m hoping to capture a couple good shots of them before they start to fade.

4.) My laptop. I had been researching laptops for week’s now, and I finally ordered one this week. I am so excited about it, and check on online Dell status constantly. How long can it seriously be “In Production”???

5.) Anniversaries. This week Nathan and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary and got to spend some nice quality time together. Today is my parents’ 29th Wedding Anniversary. In this day and age, I feel pretty luck to have two parents that have always been there for me, and that have provided such a wonderful example of a loving and happy marriage. I love you both! Happy Anniversary!

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