Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


The five things I’m liking this week:

1.) My new running buddy. Kyla called me this week and asked if she could go running with me on Saturday. She is home from college for the summer and is hoping to run the half marathon in August too. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have someone to train with!

2.) WV Interstate Fair Concerts. Every year our local WV Interstate Fair brings in some country singers/bands to play in the evenings. They aren’t always the biggest stars, but sometimes that have some pretty good entertainment or singers that are just becoming popular. Every year I get an order form early, so we can get good seats. This year I ordered tickets for the Zac Brown Band and Luke Bryan – both of which have a couple of really good songs.

3.) Best Days of Your Life. I’m the kind of person that when I find a new song that I love, I can listen to it over and over again on repeat. I’m that way right now with Kellie Pickler’s new song, Best Days of Your Life. It is just kind of fun song that she co-wrote with Taylor Swift who I’m also a big fan of. You can read the story behind the song and watch the video here.

4.) Jacob’s photo shoot. Tomorrow afternoon I am taking some pictures of our friend Melissa’s little boy, Jacob. He is turning one in a couple of days, and we have a full day of pictures planned for him. He has big blue eyes and curly blond hair, so get ready for some serious cuteness!

5.) Emma. As I was processing some of the pictures from Mother’s day, I keep coming across this picture of Kris and Emma, and every time I see it, it just warms my heart. Emma in Nathan’s younger cousin, and she was born with some very serious heart problems. Poor little thing has been through countless surgeries and all kinds of therapy and treatment. When we have large family get togethers, they don’t normally get to stay very long, because Emma gets upset easily when there are a lot of people in a crowded area or just a lot of stuff going on. But little Emma has come a long way! She and her mom got to stay all day, and Emma did wonderfully. It is a miracle that this little girl is still with us, let alone walking around, blowing kisses, and climbing stairs, no less! I don’t have very many pictures of Emma, because I’m always afraid the camera or flash will scare her, but I’m so glad I have this one. I just love to see her and her mommy relaxing and enjoying the day.


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