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Five on Friday


1.) We?re back. We got home from Florida last night. Our flight got into Charleston around 5:30 pm, and we were home by 7ish. We had a great time, but it?s always good to be home. Nathan and I both have the day off, so we are trying to pretend that we are still on vacation for the next three days. I will be updating the blog with pictures from our trip, so be sure to check the blog archives to get caught up on all the updates:
November Archive
October Archive

2.) Bryleigh. They are going to induce Kaleigh this weekend, so by Sunday our new little niece should arrive. I am so excited for Bryce and Kaleigh. It?s hard to believe that nine months have gone by so quickly. I was pretty worried Kaleigh might go into labor while we were gone, but now I?m just so excited for my new, little niece to get here.



3.) Shower panel. Ron is coming out this evening to install the 5th try at the glass shower panel. Ron and Clay did some preliminary measurements at Valley Supply, and they think this one is going to work. I really, really hope this one fits and we can just be done with the whole problem.

4.) Grandma?s cooking. It may be partly because we have no food in our house, but I am really missing my grandma?s cooking today. Our last 5 days in Florida we stayed at my mom?s parent?s house, and my Grandma made us lunch and dinner every day. It?s amazing how many meals she can come up with using whatever she has at the house. I miss Grandma and Pap already, and I sure could go for some Grandma Large cooking right now.

5.) Celeste. DHD is getting another new designer. Celeste Knight is joining the talented designers at DHD, and she release some beautiful kits this week. In honor of her grand opening at DHD, everything in her store is 30% off through the weekend, so be sure to stop over and check it out.

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