Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


My week in review…

1.) Sick. Nathan and I are both sick. I felt kind of icky all day yesterday, but toughed it out. Then around 7pm last night, we were both sick to our stomachs. Nathan spent ALL night puking up his guts. We were seriously starting to get worried, because he just couldn’t stop. We’ve spent most of today sleeping and attempting to recover. Not exactly the fun plans we had for our 3-day weekend.

2.) Foster niece. Wes and Tara got their first call for a foster child this week. She is 11 months old, timid, and sweet as can be. It’s a very new and different experience for us all, and we are making the most of it. We plan to love her and make her a part of our family for whatever length of time God decides to bless our lives with her company.

3.) 35 weeks. Kaliegh is 35 weeks along with Baby Bryleigh. She had an appointment today, and Dr. Shockley said everything is looking good. I can’t believe in less than an month she will be here!!! I’m still praying that Kaleigh can either have her before or after November 4-11th – when we will be in Florida. I will be so bummed if we miss her arrival!!!

4.) Day 10. Today is day 10 of 14 in the South Beach Phase 1 program. I honestly didn’t cheat at all during the first week, but the last couple of days I’ve strayed a bit. For an already upset stomach, the idea of eating eggs for the 15th time this week doesn’t sound like a good idea. We are definitely eating light today, and if that means a little bit of chicken noodle soup or toast – so be it! I have lost 4 lbs already, so I do have to admit the plan does work.

5.) Halloween ideas. The DHD blog has been full of fun craft ideas for Halloween. We have some very talented ladies over there, so you should check out all the fun.

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