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Five on Friday


1.) Grandma Reber got to come home from the hospital today. For being just two weeks after a stroke, she is doing awesome. They are sending her home with a walker and Dad is going to stay with her for awhile, but she’s really getting around better than any of us could have expected! [italics]I’m so proud of you, Grandma and how hard you’ve worked to get where you are today!!! Love you

2.) Shower panel. Today was attempt #4 at changing out the glass shower panel in our master bath. This one was still too wide. Ron, our installer, is getting smart though. He and Clay measured it in the store before he even brought it to our house. They spoke with the glass cutter and he found his mistake. Apparently, he took off 3/16 of an inch for the side clip, but forgot the 3/16th for the gap between the panel and the door. They apologized AGAIN, and said they would make us a new one as soon as possible. I’ve lost all faith in Basco.

3.) The basement still isn’t finished. Clair and his crew have been working on other jobs for the past couple of days. I am really just ready for everything to be finished, so we no longer have to worry about who is going to show up to work on a given day.

4.) Bones. When I was watching the playback of my Bones episode today, I noticed at the end that is said, “All new episodes in November.” Thinking to myself that it is still October and the season just started I was puzzled until I remembered it is on stupid Fox with their stupid baseball playoffs.



5.) Way behind. I am once again, very behind on my blogging, scrapbooking, photo editing, and life in general. I am making an attempt to get caught up though, so be sure to check the October and September archives for back-dated updates, including photos from our NY trip.
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