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Five on Friday


1.) BPD is closing early today because of Homecoming, so that means Nathan only has to work a half day. woo hoo!

2.) “Living” here. Lots of people have been asking if we’ve moved in yet or if we are living in our new house. My typical answer is, “Well, we are sleeping there.” It still doesn’t feel like we are actually “living here”. They still have a good bit of touch up painting to do, so we haven’t moved any more furniture in yet – the little furniture that we have that is. Since we have no furniture to sit on, we can never just relax in the evenings. We haven’t even really been eating our meals here, because there is no where to sit and no table to set the food on. Sometimes I eat breakfast here, but that consists of me sitting on the kitchen floor with my bowl of cereal. I’m so tired of temporary “living”.

3.) Paint issues. We are STILL having problems with the paint. Basically the spots where they try to go back and touch up the walls, the paint doesn’t match. They were even still using the same buckets that they used the first time around. At first Sherwin Williams thought maybe they just weren’t getting the buckets shook up well enough, so they had them brought in, put new lids on them, and shook them with the machine – that didn’t help. Then they did a few rounds of trying to adjust the paint, at one point even cutting pieces out of the drywall and taking those in to shoot under the color match eye – that didn’t work. Last night the regional sales manager, Hunter, for our area came out to the house and had us take him around and show him some of the problem areas. He definitely admitted that what we were seeing is not typical and that something should be done about it. He also kind of hinted that they’ve been having some problems with their paint that has a strong gold base – which all three of the problem paint colors do. The blue/gray paint doesn’t seem to be a problem, but he still didn’t seem convinced that was the problem. It feels like we’ve been dealing with this paint issue for over a month now, and this is the second time Sherwin Willams has come out to look at the paint. Hunter is supposed to talk to his manager tomorrow and see what they can do about the problem. I would REALLY like to feel like we were making some kind of progress…

4.) Furniture. Over the last few days, it has become very apparent that we are going to need couches for the family room sooner rather than later. Mom and I looked at some when we were in Columbus on Wednesday, and I found some at Pottery Barn that I really liked. But like everything at Pottery Barn, it was kind of expensive. Nathan and I went up to Wierser and Cawley today and found this set that we like pretty well. We’re going to do some measuring and see what pieces we might want in that room.



This is the couch. It is kind of a neutral color with a texture.



5.) Blinds. It has also become very apparent that we are going to need some serious blinds for the family room. We met with Candlelier Window Creations on Tuesday night to look at some options. Since the family room has two stories of windows, we are going to need the motorized blinds for the top row of windows. They had some really pretty white linen ones that are light filtering, which should help with the glare on the TV and also help our energy bill and the heat that comes in through those windows.

ok, so I know that I already have five entries, but I’m worn out and need to get things recapped – so apparently this is going to be a bonus edition…

6.) Cleaning closet. When Mom and I went to Columbus on Wednesday we stopped at the Container Store, and had them cut a few of the shelves for the downstairs coat closets. We also picked up the items needed for my cleaning closet. It is a small closet in the mudroom, that I plan to store all of my cleaning supplies in. Dad and Nathan spent the evening hanging it up for me. Have I mentioned how much I love Elfa?



7.) Washer and dryer troubles. Earlier this week, Tuesday maybe – they’re all kind of a blur at this point – I tried to fluff some clothes in my new dryer. Problem is that it wouldn’t turn on. We made sure it was all hooked up and that the fuse box was on, but nothing. I called Sears and scheduled a repair appointment for next Monday. Clair eventually figured out that they had wired it for a 3-prong outlet instead of a 4-prong, so he had to adjust the two ground faults. The dryer now appears to be working. Then I tried to start a load of towels in the washing machine. Water started pouring onto the floor instead of the washer drum. I quickly turned it off and had Clair check it. Everything was hooked up and the pipes were not leaking, so it has to be something inside the washer. At least I haven’t cancelled the appointment that I already made for the dryer.

8.) Eye infection. I went back to the eye doctor today. It’s been three months since he pulled the eye lash that was growing on the inside of my eye lid, and he wanted to check to make sure it hadn’t grown back. He said he didn’t see any signs of it, but I did have an infection. It doesn’t really hurt, but the bottom of my left eye lid is pretty red. He gave me what he called a z-pac for the eye.

9.) Yard. We’ve been told that early to mid September is the best time to seed your yard, so we’ve been meeting with different landscapers and dozer guys getting estimates. The dozer guy that helped put in our septic tank, broke his leg, so we might need to find someone else to help smooth things out and do another grade of the land.

10.) Cement patio. Prior to putting the yard in, we have to pour the cement patio out back. We really don’t want to get the yard all seeded and then have a big cement truck drive around back through it all. Nathan’s been meeting with several concrete guys to get different estimates. Our original plan was to have it stamped and stained, but we are having to price out different options to see what we can do. I was actually surprised to find that there are more guys in the area that do stamped concrete than I thought.

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