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Five on Friday


My week in review….

1.) Its a girl! Today, Bryce and Kaleigh officially found out that they are having a girl. I am soooo excited to have another little niece on the way. Here is a photo from their ultrasound today. Isn’t she just total sweetness!!!


2.) Carpal Tunnel. So a week or so ago, my left hand started tingling. Sometimes it’s just a feeling like my hand is asleep, but sometimes it’s painful like there’s not enough blood getting to my hand – specifically my pinky, ring, and middle fingers.

Most people kept telling me my back was probably out and that I had a pinched nerve. I went to the chiropractor on Monday morning. She adjusted me and said tingling should be better in a day or so. It is now Thursday, and nothing is better.

So, yesterday I made an appointment to see my doctor just to check things out. She tells me that she thinks I have carpal tunnel. She asked me what I do, and I told her I was in IT, and she said being at a keyboard all day can cause it. I asked her what I could do to fix it and she suggested getting a new profession. Sure, I’ll just ask if I can swap out that Computer Science Degree and Software Engineering masters for something else!

When I told my Nathan, he jokingly said – maybe you’ll get disability and can stay home all day. So I get to stay home, but I can’t quilt, cross stitch, scrapbook, or play on my laptop – what fun is that ?!?!

So, I’m rejecting the diagnosis! First of all, I’m 26 – I don’t see how I’ve even had enough time to wear out my nerves. Secondly, it’s my left hand, and I’m right handed. I know I use my right-hand twice as much as my left; and my right hand is fine. Thirdly, I do work on/with computers, but it’s not like I’m typing ALL day – I have meetings and project work, so it’s not like a data entry thing. Fourth, my real doctor was sick today, so I had to see the nurse practioner, and I’m not sure you can rely on a doctor whose name is Veronica! Ok, so that one was mean and not relevant, just ignore it. Fifth, I don’t want to have carpal tunnel! I cannot live without my laptop!!!

They made an appointment for me to see a neurologist and have some kind of carpel tunnel testing done in mid-July. I suppose I’ll just have to wait until then. If you have any tips or advice on the situation, I’d love to hear them! – especially if they don’t involve separating me from my beloved laptop 

3.) Cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets were supposed to arrive on Wednesday. They said they weren’t ready and moved it to Thursday. On Thursday, about an hour before they were supposed be delivered, they called and said they didn’t get as much done as they had hoped. Once the delivery guy saw the cabinets he said he wouldn’t have a full truck load and would have to make two additional trips after this one and charge us an extra delivery fee. So, we are now going to wait until Monday and have them delivered then. Even then it won’t be our entire kitchen, but just the island and the wall with the oven. The whole situation was exhausting and has really got us down. Keep your fingers crossed for Monday.

4.) Zack and Hope. I have my second wedding tomorrow! You would think I would be less nervous than the first time, but somehow that’s not the case. So say a little prayer for me and my camera tomorrow.

5.) Website maintenance. Apparently, I’m getting very close to going over the maximum online storage available for my blog. My brother and I have already been planning on some upgrades, so I guess we will be working this into that big plan. So, until the situation is worked out, I may or may not be able to make regular updates to the blog. I may be able to delete a few of the old blog entries, or at least archive them off and remove them until the updates are made, and give myself a little more space, but we will just have to see how it goes. We are hoping that the changes should be done in a week or so, but until then it may be hit and miss around here.

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