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Five on Friday


I’ve been doing a good bit of photo editing this week, so for today’s Five on Friday, I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures from the last week or so.

1.) Faithers and Uncle Nate. I love this picture! Just two of my favorite people having fun together. Don’t they both just look so happy…


2.) Papaw, Mamaw, and Faith at the game. When I opened this picture to edit it, I thought to myself, “I know a certain Mamaw that’s probably going to like this one…”


3.) Faith’s first bike. I love taking pictures, but even more than I like taking them, I love the idea that I am capturing memories for someone. I love the fact that Wes and Tara can just enjoy Faith’s birthday party knowing that Fun Aunt Lori will soon be bringing them a disc filled with memories from that day. I’m so thankful to get to be a part of documenting Faith’s childhood, and one day I think she’s going to see this picture and be glad that she can look back on the day that her Daddy helped her ride her very first bicycle. 


4.) The profile pic. Although I do really like this picture of Faith, it has also brought me to an odd observation about myself. I seem to have this new mini obsession with profile pictures of Faith. The last few pictures I have picked out to scrapbook have been profiles, and in almost every gallery I uploaded, I found at least one profile pic. You can see evidence of this obsession herehere, and here. So I sit here thinking to myself, is there some reason that I am drawn to pictures of those cute, little side curls or that sweet button nose? Or is it simply the fact that Faith is obviously to busy to actually stop and look at my camera and I have just decided to like these pictures knowing that is what I’m probably going to get for the next ten years…



5.) Trenton on the jet ski. This Fourth of July Trenton rode the jet ski for the first time. The little guy is not a big fan of water, so I was so proud of him for overcoming his fear and going for a ride. Not only did he ride on it once, but he went several times with Melanie and Nathan both. It looks to me like this little boy has some summers full of river-fun coming his way.


So that is the highlights or at least my observations about the most recent pictures I have taken. If you want to check them all out, you can head over to the photography section and find these:
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