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Five on Friday


Noteworthy items from my week…

1.) Laptop. My laptop finally came!!! It actually came much sooner than the last updated estimated delivery date that Dell gave me, so either all of my complaining helped or they just don’t know what they are doing. I’m still pretty peeved about their customer service, but so far I really like that laptop.

2.) More power to the computer geeks. Last week I talked about how lucky I am to have computer geek friends that stock pile spare parts, and this week they came through for me again. The video card that my friend gave me last week came with an onboard fan, but the fan required its own power adapter. I had an extra power cord in my PC, but it couldn’t quite reach to the video card. I looked at some places online, and it was going to cost three times as much as the cord cost to have it shipped to me. Sure enough one of my coworkers said he had an extra one at home that I could have. So now my new video card is hopefully staying cool and happy.

3.) Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcettt both died yesterday. Both were Hollywood icons and it’s just so crazy to hear about them both dying so young. Farrah obviously had been sick for awhile battling cancer, but Michael’s death was a pretty big shock to everyone. I’ve watched some of the documentaries they had about him, and I honestly am starting to feel bad for him. Sounds like he had a pretty traumatic childhood.

4.) Time off. Today marks the first of my ten days off from work. Nathan and I took a few vacations days, and I’m really looking forward to relaxing and getting some stuff done around the house.

5.) Audrey has been sharing a ton of new kits this week, and I’m taking full advantage of my new laptop to scrap with them. The layout below is made with her Starry Night kit that is part of her BOGO sale this weekend at We Are Storytellers

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