Lori Pickens

Farmer Time


I have been telling people that I have been running on what I call “Farmer Time”. With no blinds in our bedroom and giant, nine-foot windows, it gets pretty bright in our room in the mornings. In light of this fact, I now get up at the crack of dawn and go to bed very early. If the sun goes down, my body says, “Well, you might as well sleep now, because you won’t be able to later.” And thus ? Farmer Time. It doesn’t matter that our bedroom faces the west; that just means that I can sleep till 7:00 instead of 6:00. Obviously I get up early for work Monday through Thursday anyway, but I will admit that it has been rough on my days off. Sometimes I will cover my head with a pillow and manage to sleep in till 8ish. That all ends tonight! Nathan just finished installing our new blinds! Sweet, wonderful blinds!!!

I will admit that I have been sort of down the last few days about the progress ? or lack thereof ? that has been getting done on the house, but tonight when we drove up and I saw that long box sitting on our front porch, my heart skipped a beat.



And yes, in case you noticed, our TV and cabinet are sitting two feet out from the wall. Our bedroom furniture is the only furniture we have moved in, and we have to sit it out in the middle of the room because we still haven’t been able to get anyone to come and finish the painting situation.


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