Lori Pickens

Falmouth, Jamaica


So today we stopped in Falmouth, Jamaica. It is actually a historic district. The night before, they gave us this Commemorative Guidebook showing all the building and historic locations we could tour. But we didn’t find any of those. It appeared that a lot of things were still under construction.



We did meet this fun guy.



Of course, pictures had to be taken…



As we went a little farther into town, we met several more of the “tall” Jamaicans. Nathan got his photo take with another one.



They had several shops and vendors lined up along the street.



Falmouth was one of the places that Christopher Columbus stopped on his way to discovering America. They had different informational boards about all different historical aspects of Falmouth.



Usain Bolt even got his own informational board.



There was a small gated section where all approved vendors and tourist activities were. We ventured outside of the gates for a little bit, but eventually decided there wasn’t much to see and it was a little more uncomfortable than I cared for.

Jamaica was by far my least favorite port we stopped at. I was so excited about it too. We honeymooned in Montego Bay, and I was so excited to go back there. I also assumed that when we got of the boat we would be right there at the beach – wrong. It was a good 50-60 miles away. So we would have had to pay an additional $120 to some crazy Jamaican and prayed that he actually took us to the beach. No thanks!

We walked around for a bit and then got back on the boat.

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