Lori Pickens

Evan Learns to Fish


First off, I want to say a great big woo hoo for Kris becoming the new American Idol. I think Adam has an amazing voice, but I was super excited that Kris won. All day yesterday, people kept asking me who I thought would win, and I would say Kris. The response every time was, “Not who you want to win, who you think will win.” My answer was still Kris. I really thought he could do it. Did anyone else see him and his wife hugging at the very end of the show? How sweet was that!

Here is my latest layout. It is some older pictures of Evan when he was at the beach with Pap and Grandma. I used Audrey’s sale kits for this week.

For more info and credits, please check the scrapbooking section.


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