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The digital group at 2Peas put together another round of the digital morph challenge. We actually had a lot of new people play this time, so it was a lot of fun. If you haven’t heard me talk about the digital morph before it’s kind of like the telephone game you used to play as a kid. Basically one person tells a secret to the next, in this case a layout, and that person sends it on to the next person. Noone sees the layouts until the very end and it is really neat to see how the layouts change from one person to the next.

This time I participated in both groups. Here are my layouts from the morph.

Group #1:



Group #2:



The journaling reads:
It?s crazy to see how much you?ve changed in just a couple of years. You grow up and are learning to do so much on your own. Every year at the river lot, we roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the camp fire. A few years ago, Pap and Grandma had to help you at every step. Now you?re sitting with your own stick, while Grandma and Pap watch from the sidelines. At your new house in New Jersey, you?re going to have a fire pit in your own backyard, so I?m sure this time next year you will be a seasoned pro.You can check out the entire digital morph here:
Group 1
Group 2

Another part that I love to read is the thread where everyone explains how they got their inspiration from the previous layout. It’s really fun to see all the little things that people pick up on. What’s your inspiration?

For credits and more info, please check the scrapbooking section:
Christmas 2007 credits
Camp Fire credits

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