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I’m blogging tonight from my hotel room in Washington, DC. Actually, I’m just typing my thoughts, but won’t actually be posting them. Our hotel charges $13 a day to use their wi-fi! Seriously?!? What kind of expensive, fancy hotel charges to use their wireless Internet? Even McDonald’s offers free wi-fi. So then I think, “Hmmm, most hotels have a business center with computers and Internet access.” So I call down to the front desk and ask, “Sure, the business center is down on the ground floor across from the escalator. We have several computers available there.” After I trek down there, and finally find the “business center” which from the outside looks like a Kinkos, I sit down at the desk and read a sign that says, “Internet access 24 cents a minute.” Seriously??? No, seriously. Funny how the lady at the front desk didn’t mention that.

So, I guess I’m not catching up on my blogging tonight. Guess I’m not checking out the new releases at DHD that are 30% off today only. So when my blog is out of date – don’t blame me – blame the Renaissance!

They’re just lucky that Bones and the Office are both new tonight, or they would have one unhappy guest on their hands.

Anyways, here’s what my room looks like.



I’m on the top floor – #15. Here’s the view out my front window overlooking the museum.



This is the view out my other window, overlooking the city.



We are only in town for one night. A few of us from the office drove down for a conference on Data Warehousing. It was pretty interesting.

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