Lori Pickens

Congrats Committed


Last night was the Sing Off Finale. We have loved watching it this season, and America totally got it right. When it was down to Street Corner Symphony and Committed, we knew it was a win-win situation. We loved them both, even though we were rooting for Committed. They just seem like such a good group of guys and have amazing voices.



For the last month or so, I have been singing the praises of DVR. I would say things like, “Why would anyone watch something live any more? ” Well, when you switch to the season finale of one of your new favorite shows, and the DVR tells you that there was an “Issue with the channel during recording” you begin to question your love and affection for the DVR. Luckily, it was two-hour show, and we only missed the first half hour.

Update on Emily
Please continue to pray for Emily and her family! Earlier today they were told there was no hope. The doctors have never seen anyone come back from something like this. She had no brain or brain stem function at that point. This evening Mendy said that have seen baby steps. There was absolutely no spontaneous movement from Emily, but the nurse ripped tape off of her arm and she jerked the arm!!! So that gives them some hope. We are all praying for a miracle and hope that you will join us.

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