Lori Pickens

Cohen – Window Series


I loved the window light so much in the photos I got of Sawyer that I thought I would try some with Cohen too. First a nice, sweet smile…



Love his big belly laughs! He is one seriously happy little boy…



He’s not always as easy to capture as Sawyer. He doesn’t sit still long, and I’m not sure how long it would have taken to trick him into a nice, laid back pose, but I love his animated expressions, just as much!



Silly boy!



Side note: If you place your child in a window sill to take pictures, he *may* then later think it is OK to climb up in the window when you’re not looking. Which *may* be a safety risk and something you have to break him of later! (Not the first mommy mistake unfortunately) Crazy climbing little men!!!

Second side note: I don’t endorse children not wearing clothes during a polar vortex, even if they are inside. Cohen apparently is entering a phase where he takes off his clothes. One night recently, Nathan went in to check on Cohen and came out with a puzzled look on his face and said, “Did Cohen have pants on when you put him in his crib???” On this particular day, he had taken his shirt off three times, and ran away from me every time I tried to put it back on, so I guess shirtless it is. Silly boy!

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