Lori Pickens

Cleaning out and filling up the garage


Today Nathan and I spent the day cleaning out the garage. We moved all of the construction stuff to one side until they are finished with the basement. Nathan swept and hosed everything out and put up some shelves. We would eventually like to do a big wall organizer, but this will have to work for now. We’ve slowly been bringing things from mom and dad’s house, and today we finally started moving some of the garage items and tools. They have been so patient with us and storing all of our stuff! Thanks Mom and Dad! You guys are the best! With company coming next week, we figured we should at least try and give them space to park one of their cars in their two-stall garage. Right now everything is on the right side of the garage, because they are still going through it a lot to work on the basement, back patio and yard.



I also set up our recycling center. Basically it is just three large trash cans that I bought when Mom and I were in Columbus. One is for plastics, one for cardboard, and one for glass and/or aluminum. Right now the plan is just to haul them into one of the recycling centers once a week. Frankly, I think it is ridiculous that you have to pay extra to recycle out here!


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