Lori Pickens

Cleaning Cohen

Cohen may look more like his mommy, but he has a lot of his daddy’s traits too!  For example, their obsession with cleaning.  We took something out of the bottom of the fridge, leaving an empty tray in the door.  This then allowed for Cohen to notice that something had spilled in the bottom of said tray.

“Mommy, there is a mess down there.”

“That’s ok Buddy, we will wipe it up later.”

“No! We need to clean it right now…!”

So I proceeded to get him a wet paper towel which he used to clean up the stain.  While down, there he also noticed two tiny, dried spills on the tile, that he also needed to take care of.


At least I will always have a clean house, and I know one day he will have a very happy wife, just like his Mommy <3

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