Lori Pickens

Christmas with my Favorite Little Buddy


We were all pretty excited when John told us they would all be coming to Pburg for Christmas. Evan is at such a fun age for opening presents. He gets up around 6:45 each morning, and Justin, Heather, Nathan and I were all at Mom and Dad’s house when he came downstairs Christmas morning. If you know any of us very well, you know what a sacrifice that is and just how much that little boy is loved around here!

Driving home in the Jeep on Christmas eve, Evan told us that he looks like a “wild dog” when he opens presents on Christmas morning. “I get excited and kind of just tear into them,” he said. I almost laughed out loud when I uploaded this photo. He really does look like a wild dog ready to dig into his treasure.



On Evan’s Christmas list the only specific item that he listed was Pokemon Collector’s tins. He was pretty excited when he opened this one up.



Evan’s “big” present this year was the Nintendo DS lite. That smiles says it all.



The first gift that he really took the time to stop and play with before opening the next one was this book of sea creatures. It has amazing pictures and all kinds of facts and information about each. He really loves sea creatures.



Justin was holding the trash bag, and after ever present that he opened, Evan would wad up the paper and throw it at Justin’s face. I found it pretty funny.


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