Lori Pickens

Bundled up and ready to Ski


Today was our first day actually on the slopes. It has been snowing a ton, so we have LOTS of fresh powder. It’s kind of strange, because you’ll be skiing along and then all of the sudden your legs are three feet deep in snow! The fresh powder does make speed and control a lot easier though, I’ve pretty much been able to do any of the blue slopes today without a problem.

This picture was taken on our back deck. Obviously, you can see the slopes in the background and get an idea just how close to the lodge we really were. I know you might be wondering why I didn’t at least raise my goggles for the picture, but frankly I was already all bundled up and I didn’t want to take the chance of getting out there and having skin exposed anywhere! I wore three pair of gloves, and had to have Jeanie help me get all wrapped up, so undoing that for a picture, just didn’t seem worth it.



We brought a TON of snacks and food with us. We all had assigned items, but it seems like we all brought one or two extra things too. It’s nice because we don’t have to spend any additional money on food. With all that food, the first thing that we ran out of were my Grandma’s cookies. She makes these oatmeal cookies with white chocolate and cranberries, and they are delicious! One of the guys actually asked me to hide this last cookie for him, so he got one when they got back from skiing. Any time I mention my Grandma Reber, people usually ask, “Oh, is that the one that makes the fudge?” I have a feeling she may get some acclaim for these cookies too.

Thanks Grandma! 


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