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breakfast at tiffany's birthday party parkersburg wv lori pickens

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Birthday Party in Parkersburg, WV

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is having the opportunity to capture those special and candid moments.  I get to come in so everyone at the event can live in the moment and relive it after.  So when I had the chance to be there for Tiffanee’s 40th Birthday, I was absolutely ecstatic.

Now, when you think of Event Photography, many people only think of weddings.  But Event Photography is so much more – like Birthdays.  At Tiffanee’s Birthday photoshoot, the theme was a fun play on the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and also…the jewelry store!  It was classy, chic, elegant, and it was SO MUCH FUN.

Here in Parkersburg, West Virginia, we know how to throw a party!  When the day of the party came, I made sure to show up early so I could grab a stunning family portrait in front of their 18ft Christmas Tree and capture lots of detailed shots of the decorations and setup before the guests arrived.  I was impressed how Russ, Tiffanee’s husband, did such an amazing job at planning and organizing this unforgettable evening for his wife!  He did such a great job in fact, that I started making mental notes to drop to my husband in the next couple of years.  This was one West Virginia party that did not disappoint.

I would say that one of the best highlights of the party was one of her birthday gifts, a dachshund puppy!  Her mom even came prepared with a little top hat for Beans (the puppy) to wear at the party.  I may or may not have taken more pictures of the puppy than the birthday girl that night.  As you can tell, your animals are more than welcome at any photography session!

The Vendors for the Birthday Party were also top-notch.  The event was catered by Rubi’s. They have always had the Pizza and Grille in Parkersburg, WV on 7th Street.  Recently they have opened the SaladHaus and expanded their menu.  They served Steak with this incredible brown sauce that I had to physically not say no to every time they came around with their trays.  Following the party, I called over to ask for the name of the dish (Steak au Poivre) because I fully intend on having that again. Their Greek Salad is amazing too.

Tiffanee, the birthday girl, owns a cookie shop, TIff’s Magical Cookies in Parkersburg, WV, and made some adorable and delicious cookies (that looked like diamonds and presents) for the party. I always get Tiff’s cookies for all of my kids’ birthday parties and special events. She is so creative and the kids love them! My other friend, Rachel, from Sugar Rae’s Cotton Candy which is located in Parkersburg, WV also, made the adorable treats with the custom “Breakfast at TIffanee’s” stickers.

And what’s a party without a band!?  Russ and Tiffanee hired the Track 9 Band, who is from the Parkersburg, WV area.  Having live music at an event just adds an extra level of fun to an event like this. 

Tiff and Russ have also done a pretty amazing job at raising four intelligent and delightful children.  I shoot A LOT of families and can say firsthand, it can be hard to connect with the tween/teen ages (sometimes it can be even harder to get them to engage and smile).  Their kids were so kind and thoughtful AND they really engaged with their mom and her big night!  Might I add, I have never seen two sisters that were so sweet to one another.

I love photography and providing memories for my clients, but throw in puppy cuddles, unlimited steak, and a household of fun friends all there to celebrate an amazing woman on her birthday, and it’s seriously the best job in the world.

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Vendor List

Photography – Lori Pickens, Parkersburg, WV

Catering – Rubis SaladHaus, Parkersburg, WV

Cookies – Tiff’s Magical Cookies, Parkersburg, WV

Cotton Candy – Sugar Rae’s Cotton Candy, Parkersburg, WV

Band – Track 9 Band, Parkersburg, WV

Cake – Something Sweet

Chair and Balloons – Gift Gallery

What I Shot With – Event Photography Equipment

  • For my portrait photos,  I setup my Profoto B10 with Deep White Umbrella and Air Remote. 
  • For all the walking around photos, I love to use my Godox TT685 shoe mount flash. It provides so much versatility, and I usually just rotate it so I can bounce it off of a nearby white wall or ceiling. 
  • I shot the entire party with my Nikon D5 – mostly with my 24-70mm. 

I also took my favorite Lensbaby Omni Wands for some added fun and flare – which worked so well with the Tiffany’s jewelry theme.

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breakfast at tiffany's birthday party parkersburg wv lori pickens

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