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Blog catch-up


I’m still trying to play catch up after the holidays. I went back and updated several of the entries from Christmas. Since I back dated some of them, they may not have been on the front page long. You can always go to the blog archives to find them.

But I also know some people have a harder time finding their way through those, so here are links to the entries I added. You can pick and choose which ones you want to go back and see:
A Snowy Hike (Evan)

WVU Bowl Game (Evan)

Christmas Aftermath (Evan)

Visiting Santa (Evan)

A Pickens Christmas (Faith and Bryleigh)

Christmas with my Favorite Little Buddy (Evan)

A Pillowpet from Grandma Large (Evan)

Helicopter Pilot (Evan)

Elf on a Shelf – Part II (Evan)

Christmas Eve – Pickens Family

Elf on a Shelf

Christmas Eve Eve

Bragging on Geoffery

CrossStitch Quilts

Whew! Like I said, I had some catching up to do.

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