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Bed head and snack time


Sawyer woke up earlier than Cohen from his nap, so we took the opportunity to hang out and just explore the house. When you have two little ones, you just don’t get to do that. When I used to watch my nieces, they used to have free range of the house. It was just the two of us, so as long as they weren’t going to hurt themselves, I just followed them around and let them explore. Faith used to have so much fun just emptying out my makeup drawers and then putting everything back in. With twin one year olds, they go different directions and it’s just too hard to keep them out of trouble. While ones exploring the makeup drawer, the other is getting Comet out from under the kitchen sink. So when I do have some one on one time with the boys, I like to let them roam around. Plus, we have a ton of windows upstairs which makes for gorgeous light in pictures!

Any time Sawyer is upstairs, he goes straight for the decorations in the bathroom. We have this plate of little wooden and stick balls that he is obsessed with. Normally, I don’t let him have them, because he could put them in his mouth or in the potty or who knows. But today, I just followed him around and made sure he was okay. This is when he first realized I saw him with them – lol! Love his little expression like he got caught.



And this is the moment when he realized that I wasn’t going to take them away or try and make him go downstairs!



After Cohen woke up, we decided to have snack time. Both of my boys have the bad habit of putting however many bites you put on the tray into their mouths at one time. So I normally cut everything up and then just give them a couple pieces at a time. Apparently, I didn’t make it back before he needed another bite…



As part of my Project 365 challenge, I purchased the ebook Unexpected Everyday. It’s a great way to think about taking pictures and learning to capture your everyday moments in a different light. It has 30 challenge prompts to give you ideas to look for, and one of the first ones was “feet”. I must have had that in the back of my mind, and couldn’t help but notice his little feet on the high chair. Cohen sits like this a lot! Some times when he goes up to the bath after dinner, he has sat like this for so long, he will have little notches in the tops of his feet. Thanks to P365, I will now always be able to remember this…



Not to be left out, I of course had to capture Sawyer and how his little feet like to sit in his high chair too.


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