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bayleigh's senior photo session in Parkersburg, WV.

Bayleigh’s Senior Photo Session

2022 Seniors about to walk the stage! Whether you are prepping for graduation or you are looking for inspiration for a soon-to-be graduate, this session will not disappoint. Meet Bayleigh! She is one of my 2022 seniors from Parkersburg High School. Bayleigh was such a sweet and fun personality and was up for all of my crazy ideas. With this Senior Session, we did a mix of urban and outdoor themes to showcase Bayleigh.

She had her gorgeous hair and makeup done by PWDR
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Senior Session Locations

When I do Senior Sessions, it isn’t uncommon to shoot at multiple locations. For Bayleigh’s session, she had two location requests – an abandoned building look and a great outdoor location. I’d like to think I certainly delivered on both! When we pulled up to the abandoned building, her eyes lit up! We all had fun exploring and checking out the cool spots to shoot in it. And as an added bonus… we didn’t die.

How to Choose Location for Senior Session

One of the things I love most about senior sessions is planning awesome spots for photos that make the experience fun and unique for the senior. A question I often get from seniors and senior parents is: “Do you have locations you suggest or do we have to pick places?” My answer is that I am happy to do either. I have a ton of spots around town in Parkersburg, WV that I love and I am constantly location scouting for cool new hidden gems when I am driving around. In my opinion, this is one of the best perks of choosing an experienced photographer.

With that being said, if you have locations that are special to you – maybe a coffee shop you frequent, or a spot you and your friends like to hang out on the weekends, I’m happy to incorporate those ideas into your session. Senior photography is all about capturing you as you are at the point in your life and the memories you want to look back on. Oftentimes, I have seniors text me pictures of the outfits they have picked out, and I can suggest great locations to go with them!

Timing Your Spring Senior Session

Spring is a great time to have your sessions but you have to get creative with your timing. This is because the window of time after school and before sunset seems so short. Lucky for us, I brought along my favorite Profoto B10 light. As we were leaving the outdoor location the sun certainly decided to show off and filled the sky with color.

Bayeigh mentioned that she is hoping to go to school to go into graphics animation. As an animation geek myself, as soon as she told me that, I KNEW we had to make a fun gif for her. In my packages, you can add on a gif or even a video as a unique way to capture to moment.

How to Setup Your Senior Session

When Bayleigh’s mom first reached out to me, she had lots of questions and apologized (more than once) that this was her first senior and she wasn’t completely sure when and what they should be doing. When you schedule a session with me, remember, that is exactly what I am here for! I have been shooting seniors for years, and I have probably answered that same question before. I’m happy to help in any way that I can, and love to help make your senior photography experience fun and stress-free.

When you are ready to schedule your Senior Photography Session, you can just click here to book your session! Feel free to learn a little more about me and find Senior Session inspiration as well.

What I Shot With – Photography Equipment

I shot with my Nikon D5 – mostly 50mm and 70-200mm.
I did a couple shots with my Lensbaby Twist 60
Lensbaby Reflection Omnu Wands
All of the images in the pink sweater were with my circular prism.

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