Lori Pickens

Bathroom mirrors


Tonight Nathan and I hung all of our bathroom mirrors. We’ve had them at the house for quite awhile, but we were waiting until we had some idea what’s going to happen with the paint situation before we put them up. Now that we know they are going to be repainting most of the walls, we figured it may be best to go ahead and hang the mirrors just in case we scratched the walls while we are positioning and securing them. They also have top and bottom trim pieces that will be added later to cover the screw holes. We figured we would wait until after the painting is finished to add those, so they will be easier to paint around. The mirrors are very sturdy, but they are also slightly heavy, so we wanted to make sure we found a stud to mount them on.



This is the half bath.



This is one of the jack and jill baths.



The mirrors also have top and bottom trim that will cover the screw holes, but we figured we would add those after the paint is finished.


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