Lori Pickens

Basement kitchen cabinets


In the basement, there will eventually be a galley style, mini kitchen. We have to have the cabinets in place before we can even think about carpet, so we are trying to at least plan out the basement cabinets. Right now, this is what we have planned for the wall unit



his is an idea of what the island will look like.



Here are a couple of pictures of the basement. I tried to put tape on the ground, so you can get an idea of where the cabinets will be. As you can see, there are two metal support poles where the island will be. We are hoping to somehow incorporate those in the island, so they just look like they are part of the unit. I’m not sure if we can actually wrap base cabinets around them and them just build a matching box for the part above the counter top, but I’m hoping our cabinet guy will have some ideas. If you have any suggestions for the best way to handle this, I’d love the hear them! Please feel free to email or call me, if you have suggestions.



This is the online house plan picture of what they did. We would like to have something similar, but maybe with smaller columns and no arch way at the top.



This is the style that we are thinking about using. It’s maple wood and the stain is called Praline with Mocha Highlights.



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