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Yesterday was our last day on the ship.
We got to the Fort Lauterdale airport around 10:30 am and our flight was at 2:35pm. Mom picked us up in Columbus and we were finally home around 7:30 pm last night. We got everything carried in, and I started some laundry, but we still have a lot of stuff to put away.

I am in

the process of updating the blog with all the pictures from the trip. After reading them all, I’m sure you will literally feel like you were on the cruise with us. It may take me a day or two, so if you see posts with pictures and no words or words and no pictures, just check back later.

I will put an updated post here, when they are all ready.

You can always use the “older blog entries” link at the bottom of the page to read back through the entries or I am including an index here in case you are looking for something specific.

All aboard the Allure of the Seas

Fort Lauderdale



Port – Labadee, Haiti (pre-scheduled before we left)


Ice Show – How to Train Your Dragon

Falmouth, Jamaica

Our Stateroom

Misc Room Stuff

Fruit Sculptures

Food On Demand

On Air: Miami vs Boston

Making of a Carousel Horse

Port: Falmouth, Jamaica(pre-scheduled before we left)

ABBA – adbacadabra

Ice Games

Blue Planet

Our Dining Experience

Entertainment Deck

Port: Cozumel, Mexico(pre-scheduled before we left)

Zip line

Flash Mob

Towel Animals

Towel Animals Part II

Flow Rider

Rescue Mission

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