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Baby Ryan's Newborn Session in Parkersburg, WV

Newborn Photography Session with Baby Ryan

Newborn photography sessions are so much fun. It is a time where time is truly fleeting and I am able to capture the intimate moments with a brand new little being. During this session, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with sweet Baby Ryan. I may be done having children of my own, but I get serious Baby Fever every time I finish a newborn session.

Baby Ryan's Newborn Photography Session Parkersburg, WV
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Baby Ryan’s Arrival

Baby Ryan’s parents were new to town, and he suprsing them by arriving a few weeks early. And if moving into a new house, in a new town along with a new baby wasn’t enough, poor Kaitlyn took a tumble on the stairs the day after she got home from the hospital. We actually did his entire session right in my front foyer because we wanted to make sure she had to move as little as possible and so we could make sure we got some great family shots too!

What to Expect with a Newborn Photography Session

When I do my newborn sessions, my client’s often find comfort in knowing that I am an experienced newborn photographer who will take good care of their new little bundle of joy and also capture all of those precious little details that change in the blink of an eye. Just like every family is unique, I make sure that we discuss their family and their desires so we can create and capture the moments they are looking for; whether you are looking for a traditional, posed newborn session, a more relaxed lifestyle in-home feel, or even Fresh48 photos.

I got rid of my photo studio shortly before the pandemic, but still have all my lighting, props and setup. I now offering newborn session in my home studio or I’m happy to do a lifestyle session in your home or nursery. Those newborn days go by so quickly, and they are absolutely worth capturing.

Baby Ryan's Newborn Photography Session Parkersburg, WV

Scheduling a Newborn Session

When you schedule your newborn session, there are a couple things that are good to know going in! With newborns it can be more difficult to schedule way in advance, as they often times have their own idea of when it is time to arrive! I always recommend that my client’s booking their newborn session on their due date – and then we can adjust the session date once we know the exact date of the baby’s arrival. For posed newborn photos, the best time to have this done is within the first two weeks. All babies are different and so is their newborn session.  We can absolutely still capture precious newborn memories at any age.  A baby that is a few weeks older will often spend more time wrapped or have lifestyle poses held by a parent or in a more natural position.

Planning a Newborn Session

I always make sure to discuss with the parents what they are looking for in their newborn sessions! Once the session is booked, we get to work TOGETHER to plan it all out. In this planning, I outline the type of session the client wishes to have, color and style preferences they wish to include, and whether they want just baby or if they’d like to include parents and even the big loving siblings. Each family is unique and it is so important to capture the moments they want to cherish forever.

The Day Of Baby Ryan’s Newborn Session

During Ryan’s session, mom and dad asked a couple of times if there was anything they needed to do.. nope! I’ve been doing this for years and make part of the experience me taking care of the baby and you have some time to relax and just enjoy all the cute setups and baby smirks. When my new parents arrive for their session, it is my job to handle everything for them and this is the perfect time for the new parents to take a little time to relax. I always handle these new bundles of joy with all the are and love that I have shown my own! I also have lots of props and accessories for my clients to choose from.

Book a Newborn Session with Lori Pickens

If you are expecting and are wanting to capture this season of life, you are in the right place! I am here to do just that. I offer all of my parent’s maternity and newborn photography sessions to document the special moments – from womb and beyond. I have been serving as a photographer in the Parkersburg, WV area and bring those special family moments together in a clean, colorful, and happy style! Each of my images are hand-edited with love and care, and I have put in hours and hours of training in how to pose, light and direct you to look your absolute best. My life and my photography are centered around life’s little moments, the people who make them worthwhile, and my attempt to capture it all. I’m passionate about pictures and grateful to those who’ve entrusted me with their memories.

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Newborn Photography Gear – What’s In My Bag

In Baby Ryan’s Newborn session I used the Shoot Baby Ottoman Posing Beanbag, my Profit B10 light and Deep White Umbrella, and I shot on my Nikon D5, 50mm and 24-70mm.

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