Lori Pickens



A few people at work had told me that Avatar was a good movie and that we should go see it. First of all, I’m not a movie theatre kind of person. Personally, I just don’t like paying $8.50 to watch a movie in an uncomfortable chair with no pause button – let alone the price for snacks. I would much rather watch it on DVD laying on the couch with sweatpants on. Plus, from the previews of Avatar I gathered that it was a sci-fi movie, which isn’t normally my thing either. But then someone said that it was playing at the 3-D theatre in Athens, and that it really was worth watching. So we got a group together and decided to go see it…Seriously, it was awesome!!! Again, not a sci-fi fan, but this actually has a really good story to it.

I also have to admit that it was pretty darn cool in 3-D! Definitely worth the short drive to Athens. Plus, even the 3-D theatre there is cheaper than our regular one at the mall. I don’t think that very many movies these days are even worth the two hours it takes for me to watch them, but this one is. I really do recommend it.We had a little bit of time before the movie, so of course we had to have some fun with our cool 3-D glasses.




Josh and Kyla were no slouches on the fun either.


At first Kyle and Katie seem quieter than the rest of us, but put some wacky glasses on them, and their silly sides come out.


And here’s one of the whole group.


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