Lori Pickens

A campfire evening and a little model


Tonight Bryce and Kaleigh invited us all over to their house for dinner. Marvin and Bryce finished building the fence around their backyard last week, and Bryce has set up a great area arond the fire to hang out. I was trying to take a pictures of the guys all sitting around the campfire. I was standing on the back deck taking the picture, and couldn’t really see the guys until the flash went off. Each time I would take a picture, one of them would hold up their arm and flex for the photo. Each time I would just shake my head and try again. The last one I took was this one. Aren’t they funny?



Earlier in the evening Wes and Faith stopped by on their way home. I got out my camera to take some pictures of Faith, and she suggested that we take some outside. I asked if she wanted to do some poses and she was all for it. This was her happy pose.



And then she came up with this one.



And finally this pose. hehe


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