Lori Pickens

A Bedtime Stroll


Daddy was helping Aunt Fran move tonight, and Grammy and Pap were at the hospital visiting Nana, so that meant Mommy was on her own for dinner and bedtime.  What’s the easiest way for one mommy to put two babies to bed at the same time? Take them for a walk… so after bath we loaded up and went for a little bedtime stroll.


As we were walking along Cohen reached his little fingers up out of the stroller and wanted to hold my hand.  This momma’s heart almost exploded in her chest! <3  Now, was it harder to push an already heavy stroller with only one hand – yes, yes it was.  Was it worth it? Absolutely! 


Now this next part of the story, I probably wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t been there to witness it myself.  Lucky for you, I took pictures to document the  whole thing! When we started out on our walk, I got both of the boys a cup of milk and a couple handfuls of Kix for the ride.  Sawyer quickly ate all of his and started to complain that his tray was empty.  I looked down and noticed that Cohen had barely touched any of his, so I scooped up some of Cohen’s and moved them to Sawyer’s side of the tray.  Sawyer kind of looked over to see if Cohen was going to complain, and then when he didn’t, Sawyer scarfed up the new Kix.  This process repeated until Sawyer had pretty much eaten all of them.  When we got back to the house at the end of our first lap, both boys were still awake, and now Cohen was out of milk and both were complaining a bit.  So I headed back to the house, refilled both cups and got a couple more handfuls of Kix, and back out we went.  Before we even made it down the driveway, I look down and see Sawyer taking the Kix off of his tray and putting them on Cohen’s side.  I’m pretty sure he was putting back all the ones that I had taken for him earlier 🙂  It was seriously sweet!


A little ways further into our walk, Sawyer leans up and see his empty tray.  He looks over and notices all the Kix still on Cohen’s side, including the ones he had put their earlier.


He quickly looks in at Cohen and sees the his Bubbie is fast asleep.


He smiles and points for me to see that Bubbie is asleep. stroll_6

He giggles and then takes the Kix back!


And then he celebrated his find. Silly boy!


We walked a little further and by the time we made it back to the house on our second lap, they were both fast asleep.


This momma and a pretty awesome (and entertaining) evening with her very sweet little boys.


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