Lori Pickens

7pm is Too Late


P365 can be tough on days when I’m in the office. I went back to working 10 hour days, so I barely get home before dinner. I decided to try and take a few quick pictures of the boys before bedtime. I learned two things tonight. 7pm is too late for photos and it is also too late for sharing one balloon. By bedtime, Cohen’s room is dark, so the photos are grainy and the action all went down too quickly before I got a chance to adjust my settings. So please excuse the less than stellar quality of the photos. Tonight it’s the story that I’m trying to tell and not a prime example of my photography skills.

This has become an all too familiar scene at the Pickens’ home. Sawyer has something Cohen decides he wants.




A struggle ensues.



Sometimes Sawyer will think the game is fun. Cohen chases him and Sawyer laughs. As you can see from the picture below…. this was NOT one of those times.



I take the balloon from Cohen and give it back to Sawyer, and the process starts over. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Most days they really do get along pretty well, but I’m not sure that sharing after 7pm is in the cards.



And just so we end on a happy note, some bedtime snuggles with Daddy.




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