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Mudroom: Design descions

I’ve decided I really need to start picking out some decorating items for the house. Since we actually already have furniture for it, I’ve decided to start with the mudroom.

I figure whatever fabric I choose for the bench cushion will kind of be my kicking off point for the room, so it’s a pretty big deal that I pick the right one. I picked up a few swatches from JoAnn’s. Please leave me a comment and let me know which one is your favorite and why.

Here is a shot of them all on the bench, so you can see it against the wood tone.



Next, I will show you them all beside the yellow wall color. It is officially called “Cloudy Sunset”

Option 1: Brown/green paisley



Option 2: yellow/blue stripe



Option 3: green floral



Option 4: green/yellow paisley



If you hate them all, that’s fine to tell me too. Maybe there is another color palette you can suggest…

And just so you have a frame of reference, this is how the bench and cushion look today:


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