Lori Pickens

12 Miles


Tonight we ran 12 miles! This was two miles further than I had ever run before, so I was a little nervous about it at the beginning but I actually did pretty well. It was hot and humid and for some reason the last two water stops were missing. The River City Runners normally set up water stops every 2 to 2.5 miles along the course, and they let us know ahead of time where they will be. Well tonight they weren’t there – at least not the ones I really needed! It’s pretty disheartening when you get in your head that you just have to go a little further and then you know you will get a quick break, and then when you get to that location there is no such stop. Not only are we thirsty, but it almost makes you mentally more exhausted. On the bright side though, I finished it and at a pretty good pace. At this point, I feel pretty good about being able to finish the half and am actually just excited for it to get here.

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