You get a quick session with me (20 minutes or less) AND two free digital images.  

You get a chance to see what it’s like to work with me and see the quality images I can produce, and gives us both a chance to see if we are a good fit for each other.  

Please note, I will only be able to offer a limited number of these each month, and they will be first come first serve. So make sure you are on the insiders newsletter if you want to be notified first when the new dates open up.

Here’s how it works:

Introducing: Sample Sessions

At the time, I wasn’t even a coffee drinker, but I thought, it’s free so why not…? Fast forward to today, they are now one of my FAVORITE drinks, and I have happily bought countless frappes since then.  

Another time we were on a family vacation, and the hotel room had a complimentary box of chocolate chip granola bars for the kids. My daughter eats basically nothing and is super picky, so I don’t think they would have ever been something I saw in the store and thought to try. These bars are now seriously her go-to snack! I buy them 10 boxes at a time! LOL (I wish that I was exaggerating!) 

Are you sensing a theme with my little walk down memory lane? Well, I thought to myself, if this sample idea has worked for so many other companies, why not it try it for my business?

Years ago, I remember seeing a sign for Free Frappe Friday.


frequently asked

What if we want MORE than two of the images?

Let’s say you were strolling Sams Club, and the sample lady hands you a chocolate truffle. Two aisles over you decide this chocolate truffle is the best thing you’ve ever tasted and you NEED more! You don’t get to go back to the sample lady, and she just hands over the whole box. I want to be as up front and honest about this process as I can, because the last thing I want is for anyone to feel mislead. After your session, you will be given the opportunity to purchase the additional digital images or prints/products from your sample session. It will still be at a reduced price from what I full sessions are, but there will be additional costs if you want items beyond what is included in the Sample Session package. 

Can we book one of these if we have used you before?

The intent for these sessions is to bring me new clients and give me a chance to make a connection with people and families I might not otherwise be able to reach. That being said, if I previously shot your child at school or your senior, and you now want to try a family session, I’m happy to count that. Or I regularly shoot your family, but you’d love to capture your child with their grandparent - as long as I am shooting someone “new”. 

If we aren’t eligible for the sample session, can we share this opportunity with our friends?

Yes, absolutely. Nothing makes my heart happier than to hear that my loyal and loving clients have recommended me to their friends. If someone books a session with me and lets me know that you sent them my way, you BOTH get two free 5x7 prints. These are also stackable, so if you send 10 new clients to me, and want to cash in with all your free prints, you are more than welcome to do so.  

What if we love you, but still aren’t sure we can afford your full session prices?

If this is you, please let me know and together we can see if we can get creative with ways to get you on my calendar. I’m happy to share details with you about my referral program, payment plan options, add you to my insiders list for any upcoming discount sessions and opportunities, or we can even discuss other items to barter. 

Aren’t samples usually FREE, why is there a fee?

Because I can only offer a certain number of these, I can’t take the risk of offering them for free. If someone reserves the session date, and then decides to no show or cancel last minute - it costs not only my time, but it also takes the opportunity away from someone else who might have really valued the chance to work with me. The very minimal reservation fee, is non-refundable and ensures that anyone signing up is sincere about wanting to have a session with me. 

What’s in it for you?

I genuinely love making new connections with people and want to seek out those clients that match up best with my style and work. I am also asking that anyone who participates in a sample session agrees to leave me a Google Review. Online reviews can be a great way to help my business without any additional fees to you.

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