I was soooo excited when Katie called and asked if I still wanted to take some newborn pictures of Baby Addy!!! She and Becky brought her over tonight, and she was so precious. She’s about three weeks old, but she still only weighs about 8 lbs – which is less than what I weighed when […]

Baby Addy

November 23, 2009

I have finished editing all of Josh and Kyla’s pictures – at least the ones I took. You can find their entire gallery here. But since a post isn’t really any good with out some pictures, here are a few more of my favorites. Isn’t this field just gorgeous! Mr. Crookshanks kept saying that we needed […]

Josh and Kyla – Part 3

October 20, 2009

I am just about done with all of the pictures that I took of Josh and Kyla. I love how the pictures turned out. Josh and Kyla are so stinkin’ cute together, and Kyla has some amazing fashion sense. Josh will tell you that he picked out his own clothes, but I’m pretty sure he […]

Josh and Kyla – Part 2

October 19, 2009

I had such an amazing day! Today, Josh and Kyla were having their first-round of engagement pictures taken, and their photographer, Mr. Crookshanks, said he would be happy for me to tag along. I should probably explain that Mr. Crookshanks was the assistant principal at our high school, and thus why I keep referring to him as […]

Josh and Kyla

October 17, 2009


December 31, 1983


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